A Better Deal Conference

The ABDC Mission



A Better Deal Conference is an online conference of the minds for people who have been taken advantage of and denied the settlements they deserve by deceptive insurance companies. Here, you’ll find information and personal stories regarding the various ways insurer’s have been known to screw people over for their own financial gain, as well as information and resources for other areas of law that people just like you have struggled with including the following:

  • Workers compensation and employment law
  • Being wrongfully accused of a crime
  • Divorce and spousal support
  • Securities violations and investment fraud
  • Social security disability 
  • Motor vehicle accidents and serious injuries
  • Child custody and support
  • Record expungement and clearing a warrant
  • Bankruptcy and repairing your credit
  • Surrogacy laws 
  • Wrongful death
  • Defending yourself against criminal charges

In nearly every personal injury case you might encounter, you will certainly be dealing with the insurance company, and as such, ABDC focuses much of our guest blog posts and other information on how to fight back against profit-hungry insurance adjusters. 

Insurance Tactics You Need to Know

If this is you first time having to deal with an insurance company, there are certain things you need to know as you prepare to fight the insurance company for the compensation that you’re entitled to. 

To start, the insurer is not here to benefit you. In fact, you can expect them to fight you every step of the way as you seek a settlement offer that meets your needs. The insurance adjusters job is to not only work on the claim, but to minimize the amount that they’ll be ordered to pay. 

Unfortunately, the ways the insurer goes about taking advantage of the claimant are often unscrupulous. Insurance adjusters are known for requesting a statement from claimants, only to take that statement and manipulate their words in a way that suggests they admitted fault or accepted responsibility for the cause of the accident in some way.

This is just one example of underhanded tactics used by greedy insurance companies, and you have to do everything in your power to hold them to account for their financial responsibility to you so you can begin to move forward with your life. 


To learn more about insurance laws by state, advocating for yourself, and other personal injury, criminal cases, and legal information, you can browse our blog archives to find topics that suit your interests.