Why Hire a Lawyer After an Injury?

If you sustain an injury in an accident caused by another driver, or if you experience other injuries stemming from the negligent acts of others, it is wise to hire a lawyer. Of course, you might be wondering, “why hire a lawyer after an injury?”

Hiring a lawyer after an injury can ensure that you are adequately compensated for injuries and that your medical bills and other expenses are covered. A lawyer can evaluate your situation and tell you whether you should take legal action.  Your lawyer can represent your whether you want to pursue an out-of-court settlement or need to take the other party to court.

A Lawyer Can Help You Deal with the Insurance Company

When you experience an injury due to the actions of another party, neither the responsible party nor their insurance company will voluntarily give you what you deserve to make the situation right. In fact, you will probably find that the insurance company will encourage you to settle quickly.

Insurance companies know that when people are injured, they may not be able to work—and the bills start to pile up soon after! For someone experiencing financial problems, a few thousand dollars can feel like winning the lottery. However, it is only a drop in the bucket for an insurance company. A lawyer can make sure you don’t get railroaded into accepting less compensation than you deserve.

An Attorney Will Be Your Advocate After an Injury

Going through the aftermath of an injury can be difficult, especially if you must undergo surgery, hospitalization, or physical therapy. If an insurance company representative talks with you right after the injury, he or she might appear very concerned about your situation but will likely attempt to obtain information that will put you at a disadvantage.

Immediately after an accident or injury, you may not be able to remember important facts. If you try to answer questions under duress, you could leave out information that could help your claim. You could also misunderstand what is being asked and then answer in a manner that accepts blame for what happened. This is where your attorney can act as your advocate, ensuring that no one takes advantage of you when you are vulnerable.

Why Hire a Lawyer After an Injury?

When you hire a Rockford personal injury lawyer, he or she can assist you by gathering facts about the accident; getting copies of accident reports; filing paperwork on your behalf; and working with the responsible party or the insurance company to make sure your medical bills get paid, damaged property gets replaced, and that you are compensated fairly for your losses and damages.

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