A Better Deal Conference is an online “conference of the minds” for people who have been screwed over by insurers, focusing on identifying and combating underhanded tactics by insurers and offering resources for consumers to stay vigilant against these profit-hungry insurance companies.

As it relates to surrogacy, we want to make sure that you are covered. It’s far too easy to get into a contract that doesn’t protect you and the rights to your child properly. If something were to go wrong, who is responsible for it? The surrogate? You? Your insurance company? Theirs? The agency? It’s all very confusing!

The bottom line is that all parties need protecting, most of all the child. But, contacts can have various loopholes depending on the type of surrogacy and your parenting plans. It’s important to have things in stone prior to such a life-changing arrangement, and A Better Deal Conference is here to help guide you through that.

Surrogacy: Three Things to Know